The Philosophy

A Filter for this Decade

Old technology is really old, broken and not keeping up to the real problems of chat

The real issue is not "F**K", "Fuque" or even "ash whole mother trucker" (solved) but the stuff in the grey

Today we worry about sexting and bullying like "cut yourself deeper next time" and "I'm coming down your chimney"

We need a filter that adapts to change, which allows us to find the needle in the haystack

Moderators are critical, but don't waste their time

Keep it simple, keep it safe. Just tell us what risk you can put up with and we'll reduce it to true/false

Our Goals for You

Reduce support costs by 50%

Reduce false positives and negatives by 50%

Help you find what's really important (good or bad)

Our Distinctions

We focus on finding the needles in the haystack. Say goodbye to 200 hours a week of mining log files hoping you stumbled on what's wrong. We'll do the mining, you do the deciding

We focus on the grey. Finding the millions of ways to say the F word is the easy part, the real challenge is the stuff in the middle like "play" which can mean, "let's play a game" or "do you play with yourself?"

Words don't stay the same. They change depending on the context, the character of the person saying it, and the culture.

Not every player is the same. Good players can earn the ability to chat more freely, destructive players can get put in a corner.

You're in control: No need to send us a ticket and wait 7 days. You get your own system. Just change it in real-time, even from your phone.

We've got your back. Your system is backed by a cloud of machines doing their learning from all over the web. As we grow, you grow. That's just not something you can do on a single processor in your own datacentre, nor would you want to.

Our tools rock! Clean, triaged, uncluttered and blazing fast (as in 3000 items per hour fast)

The Product

How it Works


Child logs in to game and sees friend
Child types “hello”
“hello” is sent to the game server


The game server calls a light weight web server we provide


The data is packed and sent to our cloud
What is the risk of “hello”?
Does this game accept that level of risk?


Can I learn anything from this?
Maybe that “hello” is often said by good kids


It passed okay, let it be said in our world

The Team

The PottyMouth Team

Chris Priebe

Chris Priebe

Founder and CEO

Nathan Sawatzky

Nate Sawatzky

Chief Community & Safety Evangelist

Bryce Cutt

Bryce Cutt

Senior Programmer

Andrew Tonner

Andrew Tonner

Core Systems Programmer

New Employee

Kevin Yockey

Senior Programmer

New Employee

Chris Ratcliffe-Smith

Support Team Leader

New Employee


Quality Control Support Rep



Quality Control Support Rep

The Advisors

Lance Priebe PottyMouth Chat Tools Advisor

Lance Priebe

"I built Club Penguin to keep kids safe. It's time we help the rest of the worlds", Brother, Co-Founder of Club Penguin

Raghwa Gopal PottyMouth Chat Tools Advisor

Raghwa Gopal

"Find a few key early adopters and listen to them, that way you build something that people care about", Business Mentor, Accelerate Okanagan

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